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Spitzer Site
Images, news, and information about the Spitzer mission can be found here.

Spitzer en Español

Spitzer en Español
Ofrece en Español la información sobre la misión de Spitzer, antecedentes científicos, un tutorial sobre astronomía de rayos infrarrojos y otras actividades educacionales.

Astronomers' Site (Spitzer Science Center)

Astronomers' Site
The Spitzer Science Center is the source for information on observation planning, proposal submission, observer support, and data archives and analysis.

Infrared Processing and Analysis Center

Infrared Processing and Analysis Center
A site for scientists, with links to all IPAC's missions, archives, and services.

Cool Cosmos

Education and Public Outreach
Learn more about infrared light, astronomy, and the world around us. Spectacular images, fun games, resources for educators, and more!

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What's Happening: Two Peas in an Irregular Pod How Binary Stars May Form

Our sun may be an only child, but most of the stars in the galaxy are actually twins. The sibling stars circle around each other at varying distances, bound by the hands of gravity. more...

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Astronomers: Approved Programs

The full list of approved programs, including Cycle-6 Exploration Science and regular GO programs, is available at: http://ssc.spitzer.caltech.edu/approvdprog/.

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What's Happening: "Ancient City of Galaxies Looks Surprisingly Modern"

Astronomers are a bit like archeologists as they dig back through space and time searching for remnants of the early universe. In a recent deep excavation, courtesy of NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, astronomers have unearthed what may be the most distant, primitive cluster of galaxies ever found. more...

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Press Release: 'This Planet Tastes Funny,' According to Spitzer Telescope

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has discovered something odd about a distant planet -- it lacks methane, an ingredient common to many of the planets in our solar system. more...

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What's Happening: Colony of Young Stars Shines in New Spitzer Image

Astronomers have their eyes on a hot group of young stars, watching their every move like the paparazzi. A new infrared image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope shows the bustling star-making colony of the Orion nebula, situated in the hunter's sword of the famous constellation. more...

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