Video Conferencing Backgrounds

Add some Spitzer style to your video conference background with these videos and images. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger version, and then save the file to your computer. These images have been optimized to work with Zoom virtual backgrounds.

Note: Applications like Zoom require a ".mp4" file extension to open video files, but in some cases you may find your downloaded video has been changed to an β€œ.m4a" extension. In that case, just rename it to β€œ.mp4” and it should work with your software.

Looping Videos

Spitzer Zoom Background 1
Spitzer Zoom Background 2
Spitzer Zoom Background 3


Tarantula Nebula 2
Tarantula Nebula 3
Jack-o'-lantern Nebula
Cepheus B and C IRACMIPS
Galaxy M81
Space Butterfly
Jack-o'-lantern Nebula Orange
Cat's Paw Nebula
Cepheus B and C IRAC