My Long-Distance Relationship With Spitzer

02.20.20 Posted by Nari Hwangpo | 0 Comments

About six years ago, I was fortunate to have been given a chance to join the Spitzer Operations team. I had two jobs on Spitzer: sequencing and flight control.

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From Happy Developer to Good Manager: A software programmer learns to manage code and people at the SSC

02.13.20 Posted by Xiuqin Wu | 0 Comments

I joined Spitzer Science Center (SSC) in 1997 after working in NED as a software developer for eight years, though it was still called SIRTF Science Center at the time. During the 12 years at SSC, my jobs changed and increased in responsibilities, from application developer to cognizant engineer for science user tools development, to SSC uplink and archive lead.

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The Spitzer North Team: It’s a Big Universe and a Small World

02.11.20 Posted by Pauline Barmby | 0 Comments

When we meet one of our colleagues for the first time, it usually doesn’t take very long to figure out that we have friends or co-workers or projects in common. For the five of us, all professors in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Western University in London, Canada, the Spitzer Space Telescope is our common link.

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Being Part of Spitzer is Being Part of History

02.07.20 Posted by Pedro Diaz-Rubin | 0 Comments

I joined the Spitzer Flight Control Team four years ago. I worked as the ACE, which is the person who sends commands to the Spitzer observatory and monitors the data coming down from the spacecraft.

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From Unpaid Intern to Engineering Lead: A Life Voyage With Spitzer

01.28.20 Posted by Natalie Martinez-Vlasoff | 0 Comments

The start of my life and career voyage via Spitzer began in 2014. After a two-year unpaid internship at JPL doing graph theory for satellite communication, I was hired by the Multi-Mission Resource Scheduling Services (MRSS) team as a Mission Operation Engineer.

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A Phone Call that Changed My Life

01.23.20 Posted by Bill Green | 0 Comments

In July of 1997, as Manager of the Science Data Processing Systems Section at JPL, I was having the time of my life managing the processing of the first images and data from the Mars Pathfinder mission while meeting the challenges of all the other JPL projects we were supporting.

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Rime of the Ancient Astronomer: Dr. Deborah Levine Waxes Poetic With a Spitzer Tale in Verse

01.14.20 Posted by Deborah Levine | 0 Comments

I leapt from "Superfriend" to Ph.D., then learned Science Operations in Spain, on ISO. 'Til George and SIRTF lured me back to apply the knowledge I had gained ...

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