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Tim is a former visual effects animator for Hollywood. His credits include various Nickelodeon shows (Invader Zim, SpongeBob SquarePants), feature films (X-Men, Looney Tunes: Back in Action), and science fiction films (Red Faction, Children of Dune—for which he won an Emmy certificate in 2003).

He has worked at Caltech/IPAC since 2004. He develops artwork & animation for many high-profile NASA missions including the infrared Spitzer Space Telescope, the planet-hunting Kepler Space Telescope, and JPL’s exoplanet division. His work has been featured multiple times on journal, newspaper, and magazine covers.

Tim also writes, directs, produces, animates, and composes music for the acclaimed educational NASA webseries IRrelevant (IR-relevant) Astronomy.

In his spare time, Tim is a writer, composer, and game app designer. His 2016 feature screenplay Escape From Sean Astin vs. GatorCroc won multiple awards at screenplay competitions. His game apps (Hogoword, Hogoworm Dungeon) have been produced for various tablets & platforms. His original music album Triumph & Tragedy in the Solar System was released online in 2016 through major online distributors.

Selection of Tim’s press interviews:

NPR: Out Of This World: How Artists Imagine Planets Yet Unseen
Gigaom: The Power Of Science Lures Viewers (And Famous People) To NASA’s Original Videos
Wired: The Art And Science Of NASA’s Best Exoplanet Illustrations

Selection of press hits for Tim’s IRrelevant Astronomy series:

Scott Green, Aint-It-Cool News
IRrelevant Astronomy is one of the most (intentionally) hilarious series of educational films you'll find...the pieces carry a Muppets-esque charm.
Andy Chalk, Escapist Magazine 
...genuinely laugh-out-loud moments...most important of all it presents real science in an accessible and entertaining manner.
Simon Priest, Strategy Informer
 ...a cunning ploy to cram our brains with knowledge...
Halle Starr, CNET 
This is the best thing. The best...a simple yet fascinating explanation...
Phil Plait, Slate 
Enter IRrelevant Astronomy...the videos in this series are really, really funny--I mean laugh-out-loud funny...
Jamie Lumsden, Canoe (Canada)
 Going over the processes and terminology with both simplicity and black humor...
Wil Wheaton,
 ...making science accessible and entertaining, and hopefully inspiring people to learn more about our universe...
Rob Crossley, 
...despite arguments that infotainment is fundamentally impossible, [this IRrelevant Astronomy episode] manages to be both humorous and enlightening...
Liz Shannon Miller, GigaOm 
An educational video from NASA found viral success earlier this month...a pretty impressive feat, given the star power that Pyle has been able to enlist for his IRrelevant Astronomy series...
Brenna Hillier, VG 24/7 
...adorable as well as informational...
Ryan Midnight, Geeks of Doom 
...provides the information in an extremely accessible way and redefines "edutainment" as it dishes out the education just as easily as it does the wry absolute joy to watch.