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Searching for Solar Systems Like Ours

Are solar systems like our own common in the universe, or is ours an oddball? Dr. Lynne Hillenbrand discusses her work on a project designed to answer this question, and what they have discovered so far.

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Unsettled Youth: A Chaotic Planetary System

During the infancy of our solar system, when our planets had not yet settled down into their orbits, this was a dange...

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Unsettled Youth: A Chaotic Planetary System

During the infancy of our solar system, when our planets had not yet settled down into their orbits, this was a dange...

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Swirling Clumps of Planetary Material

Something appears to be pushing around a large clump of material that is in orbit of this star, and it's moving fast ...

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Trigger Happy Star Formation

From recent discoveries made by two of NASA's Great Observatories comes new insight into how stars are created. Large...

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Baby Stars Found Jumbled In Galactic Center

At the center of our Milky Way galaxy is an area previously unseen by astronomers. Shrouded by clouds of swirling dus...

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Cool Stars Have Different Mix of Life-Forming Chemicals

It's life, Jim, but not as we know it! Well, at least the building blocks of life. A new study from NASA's Spitzer S...

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Exoplanet with Wild Temperature Swings

Talk about hot flashes! A planet that heats up to extreme temperatures in a matter of hours before quickly cooling ba...

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Dim Dwarfs

The new record-holder for dimmest known star-like object in the universe goes to twin brown dwarfs, each of which shi...

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Twin Asteroid Belts

The star Epsilon Eridani is even stranger than fiction. NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has shown it has two asteroid ...

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Water Hit with Young Star's Best Shot

Water is being blasted to pieces by a young star's laser-like jets, according to new observations from NASA's Spitzer...

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Spitzer's Fifth Anniversary

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope continues to surprise astronomers. On its fifth anniversary, we recap some of this Gre...

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Brightest Star in the Galaxy has New Competition

A contender for the title of brightest star in our Milky Way galaxy has been unearthed in the dusty metropolis of the...

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Missing Spiral Arms

As a result of a new Spitzer Space Telescope study, two of our own Milky Way Galaxy's spiral arms have gone away.

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Holes on Mars

Spitzer isn't the only infrared mission. Infrared images from another of NASA's robotic missions help us understand m...

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Diamondoids in Space

Diamonds may be rare on Earth, but surprisingly common in space -- and new research shows that the infrared eyes of N...

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Common Earths

Terrestrial planets might form around many, if not most, of the nearby sun-like stars in our galaxy. These new result...

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Cosmic Suburbia

Young city dwellers on Earth aren't the only ones rushing to suburbia to start families. New observations from NASA's...

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Uncommon Moons

New observations from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope suggest that moons like Earth's -- that formed out of tremendous...

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Galactic Thief Caught Stealing Gas

A big galaxy, spotted stealing gas from a passing galaxy about half its size, was caught red-handed by the Spitzer Sp...

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Dust in the Wind of Black Holes

The dust that makes everything around us -- and even ourselves -- may have come from black holes.

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Building an Earth?

An infant Earth may be forming in a star system over 400 light-years away, according to new results from the Spitzer ...

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Neon Signs in Space

A recent detection of neon gas in planet-forming disks may help us better understand how planets form and whether or ...

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Putting the Brakes on Star Formation

Spitzer learns why one class of galaxy seems to have trouble forming new stars.

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Planets with Four Suns?

New results from the Spitzer Space Telescope hint that other solar systems may be even more exotic than we've ever im...

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A Tale of Two Worlds -- One Hot, One Windy

Astronomers have studied two very intriguing planets beyond our solar system -- one super hot, one super windy. This ...

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Double Sunsets in Distant Skies

Once thought to be the stuff of science fiction, double sunsets may be much more common in the universe than previous...

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Hunting for Molecules on Faraway Planets

A first from the Spitzer Space Telescope. A new finding is a stepping stone to eventually studying signs of life on w...

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Atmospheres on Alien Worlds

Using the Spitzer Space Telescope, astronomers have for the first time discovered what the atmosphere is like on plan...

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Pillars of Destruction

Hubble's "Pillars of Creation" within the Eagle Nebula is one of the most famous astronomical images of all time. But...

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Spitzer Sees the Light

In the beginning there was darkness...but now, Spitzer Scientists say they are seeing the universe's first light.

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Wounded Comet Spills Secrets About Distant Solar Systems

Could Comet Tempel 1 provide the key to understanding solar systems beyond our own? Dr. Carey Lisse talks with Linda ...

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A Galactic Soap Opera

Our story begins in the deep, dark universe, where galaxies, like people, lead fascinating lives, filled with drama. ...

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Cosmic Disk Brakes for Spinning Stars

Can planet-forming disks put the brakes on spinning stars? Dr. Luisa Rebull discusses Spitzer results that may solve ...

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Piercing the Sword of Orion

Astronomers have long scrutinized the vast and layered clouds of the Orion nebula, an industrious star-making factory...

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Last of the Great Observatories

Years before Spitzer was launched into space, the entire mission was cancelled! Dr. George Rieke discusses the incred...

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Unmarked Grave of a Dead Star

Spitzer has found a supernova remnant that no other telescope has seen. Dr. Patrick Morris discusses his team's disco...

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Searching for Solar Systems Like Ours

Are solar systems like our own common in the universe, or is ours an oddball? Dr. Lynne Hillenbrand discusses her wor...

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Spitzer Finds Hints of Planet Birth Around Dead Star

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has uncovered new evidence that planets might rise up out of a dead star's ashes. (JP...

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Phoenix Rising from a Supernova's Ashes

A supernova may be the ultimate end of a star's life, but this may not be the story's end. Recent Spitzer results hin...

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Seeing Smoke from a Galactic Fire

Michelle Thaller speaks with Dr. George Helou about a striking new image of Galaxy M82, the discovery of mysterious o...

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Origins of Organics

Robert Hurt talks to Yanling Wu about her studies of blue compact dwarf galaxies, and what they tell us about the ori...

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Finding Crystals in Colliding Galaxies

Robert Hurt interviews Dr. Henrik Spoon about a first in extragalactic astronomy: the detection of delicate crystals ...

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Survivors Around a Dead Star

Whitney Clavin speaks with Dr. Marc Kuchner, who has recently discovered signs of surviving comets around a star that...

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Alien Asteroid Belts

Robert Hurt speaks with Dr. Dean Hines by phone about the discovery of an asteroid belt similar to our own around a v...

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High School Students Visit Spitzer

A teacher and three high school students from the Phillips Exeter Academy visit the Spitzer Science Center, and discu...

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The Mountains of Creation

Gay Hill talks to Dr. Lori Allen about the aesthetics and science behind the "Mountains of Creation," a beautiful new...

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Tale of the Tadpole Galaxy

Dr. Tom Jarrett discusses new images of the Tadpole galaxy from NASA's SWIRE mission, and what they may tell us about...

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Amazing Andromeda

Observations of our sister galaxy Andromeda reveal a new side to this Milky Way neighbor. Dr. Karl Gordon and Dr. Geo...

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Cotton Candy Comets

Dr. Michelle Thaller discusses new insights into the nature of comets gained from observations by Spitzer and other o...

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What's a Big Galaxy Doing in the Baby Universe?

Astronomers unexpectedly discover that some very massive mature galaxies were already in place only one billion years...

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Do Planets Sprout Like Wildflowers?

New Spitzer evidence indicates that some gas giants may have grown in less than one million years, faster than previo...

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Spitzer Turns Two

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope celebrates its second anniversary of uncovering hidden universes of warm stellar embry...

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Finding Hidden Black Holes

Dr. Mark Lacy discusses a population of giant black holes, or quasars, in distant galaxies that, until recent Spitzer...

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Organic Molecules in the Early Universe

Dr. Lin Yan discusses her recent discovery of organic molecules called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (or PAHs) in ...

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