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Can You Feel a Solar Wind?

This 'Ask an Astronomer' segment attempts to explain what a solar wind is (and is not).

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Where Is the Center of the Universe?

Dr. Varoujan Gorjian explains the mind-boggling expansion of the Universe.

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W-5 Star-Forming Region

Visit the W-5 star-forming region with 'Ask an Astronomer'!

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Why Is the Sky Blue?

In this 'Ask an Astronomer' episode, Dr. Carolyn Brinkworth fills us in on what the color of the sky has to do with f...

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What's Between the Stars?

In this 'Ask an Astronomer' episode, Dr. Michelle Thaller explains how there can be an interstellar medium in a vacuum.

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Spitzer's Fifth Anniversary

This 'Ask an Astronomer' special looks at some of the biggest discoveries from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope over th...

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What Will Happen to the Earth When the Sun Dies?

Our Sun won't last forever. Dr. Carolyn Brinkworth explains the ramifications for our home planet in this 'Ask an Ast...

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Can a Planet Have Two Suns?

Dr. Carolyn Brinkworth addresses a famous science fiction scenario in this 'Ask an Astronomer' video.

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Can a Galaxy Die?

Dr. Varoujan Gorjian gives us the answer to this 'Ask an Astronomer' question.

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Why Aren't There Any Green Stars?

Dr. Michelle Thaller answers this question for 'Ask an Astronomer.'

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How Do You Discover an Asteroid?

Dr. Bidushi Bhattacharya helps us understand how astronomers find these tiny space rocks.

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Infrared: More Than Your Eyes Can See

Dr. Michelle Thaller explains infrared light in this older video, produced by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope (then kn...

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M51 and Gizmo

In this animated 'Ask an Astronomer' special, innocent alien M51 moves the Earth into a closer orbit around the sun, ...

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What Happens When Galaxies Collide?

Dr. Varoujan Gorjian takes us inside galactic collisions in this 'Ask an Astronomer' video.

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What Is the Nearest Galaxy to the Milky Way?

Dr. Michelle Thaller explains that the answer isn't as simple as you might think!

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Why Isn't Pluto a Planet Anymore?

Dr. Robert Hurt explains why Pluto got... well... plutoed.

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How Can We See a Black Hole?

If no light escapes from a black hole, how can we detect them? 'Ask an Astronomer' explains.

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What Is a Redshift?

'Ask an Astronomer' uses an astronomer, a flying saucer, and a cow to help explain this difficult astronomical concep...

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Do the Stars Really Move?

The answer to this 'Ask an Astronomer' question may surprise you!

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Why Do We See Spiral Arms in Some Galaxies?

'Ask an Astronomer' explains the morphology of one of the most common types of galaxy.

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What Is a Brown Dwarf?

'Ask an Astronomer' explains one of the strangest objects in outer space.

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