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Behind the Scenes: When Galaxies Collide

Felicia Day explains some of the science behind galactic "collisions," including the upcoming collision between the galaxy Andromeda and our own galaxy, in this mock behind-the-scenes look at the making of an educational video. Sean Astin also stars.

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Stampy! The Science-Loving Postage Stamp!

Stampy helps a student learn about the engineering behind NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. Featuring Richard Horvitz, ...

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Fusion vs. Fission

When a science-mad A.I. system is installed at NASA, two hapless computer technicians learn the process behind nuclea...

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Ask an Astronomy Brain Parasite

Deep inside an astronomer's head, a parasite (voiced by Alan Tudyk) taps into his brain to learn! Spe...

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Robot Astronomy Talk Show In Progress: The Mass of Asteroids

Cameron Diaz teaches Robot IR-2 (Ed Wasser) how astronomers can measure the mass of asteroids from tremendous distances.

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Big Bang Musical

Did you know 13.7 billion year old radiation from the Big Bang can be seen on any analogue TV set? In this mini-music...

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Astronomy Anemone

Veronica Belmont co-hosts a space-themed talk show with Astronomy Anemone, a carnivorous man-eating sea polyp. WARNIN...

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Robot Astronomy Talk Show: Destroyer of Worlds

Robot IR-2 (Ed Wasser) meets The Physician (Wil Wheaton), an intergalactic buttinsky in a small blue box spaceship. T...

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Behind the Scenes: Dead Stars

Actor Sean Astin is hired by a bullying educational film Director and her Flunky sidekick to explain about the life a...

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Spaceship Spitzer: Bots of Both Worlds

Amy Okuda flies to Saturn to observe a new giant ring around the planet: the largest ring ever discovered in our Sola...

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Spitzer Space Telescope: The Musical

A singing NASA supervisor uses song to explain about NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, and how infrared astronomy diffe...

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Behind the Scenes: When Galaxies Collide

Felicia Day explains some of the science behind galactic "collisions," including the upcoming collision between the g...

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Robot Astronomy Talk Show: Back in Time

Linda Hamilton attempts to foil the robots' plans of Universal conquest; meanwhile, Dean Stockwell explains the conce...

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Robot Astronomy Talk Show: Twin Brown Dwarfs

While trapped in an interdimensional portal between two brown dwarfs, IR-2 and the robots encounter their evil twins ...

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M51 & Gizmo: Half-Baked Plan

Hoping for his birthday to come around sooner, innocent alien M51 moves the Earth into a closer, faster orbit around ...

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Spaceship Spitzer: The Slowlian Web

During a tense face-off with a sinister (but extremely slow-moving) alien race, Dr. Michelle shows IR-1 how scientist...

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Robot Astronomy Talk Show: Sculpting With Stars

IR-2 opens diplomatic relations with the Earth, as a first step toward ruling over all humans on the planet.

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Psych Out

Does the Helix Nebula look like a human eye? Why do we think we see well-known objects in nebulous images from space?...

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Robot Astronomy Talk Show: The Building Blocks of Life

IR-2 and his crew learn about PAHs, which may be the building blocks of all life in the Universe, and decide to put t...

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Robot Astronomy Talk Show: Omega Centauri

While the robots are away, a sad and lonely man calls in with a beautiful image of the Omega Centauri globular cluster.

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Robot Astronomy Talk Show: Baby Stars

Where do stars come from? IR-2 analyzes recent Spitzer imagery to find out, while an imposing Ratings-bot oversees th...

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